May. 08, 2004

To My Father, In Loving Memoriam

At the weakest times, you were the strongest man
On the coldest nights, you were the light that illuminated all hope
In the blizzard, you were the shield that fought off the harshest winds
And in the hardest moments, you were the backbone
That could keep even the weakest soul going.

You were the strongest man I have ever known
The smartest man that I have ever met
You gave me life, you took me into your shelter
And you gave me your everything
I can never begin to repay you or thank you enough
For the selflessness you gave unto me
In a world full of bleakness and cruelty,
You were the brightest saint a child could ask for

I love you, Dad.
May you rest in the peace you most undeniably deserve.

- Atheist Diary


In time I shall return, my friends. Til then, be well.




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